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CamilleHello and a big welcome to Thimble Studios. I'm Camille Jacquemart and this is a little bit about me!

I grew up in France (apologies for any grammar mistakes!) and studied fashion design in Marseille. After my degree I went to London and trained in some of the most inspiring sewing studios such as Alexander McQueen.

All along I dreamt of greener pasture... I mean literally. After a quick research I applied to volunteer on a sheep farm producing its own knitting yarn...in Carmarthenshire.

After just over a year's shepherding career,  I decided to unpack my suitcase in one remote little cottage on the other side of the valley and put some roots down.

I started Thimble Studios in October 2013 to share my passion about sewing and all handmade things.

Through my courses, I have seen students growing their skills and creative potential immensely. Most importantly, Thimble Studios has offered a space and a time where women (and I'm still hoping men soon!) are able to relax, make time and make new friends.

I am looking  forward to many more weekends, evenings, afternoons, teaching great sewing skills here in Wales and sharing more "making" time with you all.

 Yours, Camille Jacquemart... Seamstress

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