Coffee Morning

Dear all,

I would like to remind you that tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th from 10 am to 12.30pm,  I will be at the hall for an informal coffee morning and sewing chat!

If you are interested in joining my sewing classes ( or if you are just curious!), this is a great opportunity to meet, and get a better idea what I would be able to offer.
I will bring with me some of the sewing projects I offer, along with refreshments and biscuits!

Also to remind you, the sewing course will start on:
Tuesday the 11th, from 10 am to 1pm. 
I have brought the price down to £108  if you book  for 6 weeks. (So it’s £18 for a 3 hours class.)

If you are interested in joining but cant make it to this time and day, do let me know as I have many others courses coming soon!


Sewing Classes Flyer


About the course

Level: Beginner to intermediate
Course aim: Tackling the sewing machine and learning a range of sewing techniques while producing a small collection of beautifully crafted items.
Techniques to learn:  Basic seams and finishes, sewing purse zips, machine buttonholes, bias binding …

Each item is designed with specific features to introduce you to a range of basic sewing techniques. You will pick up invaluable tips along the way and learn how to give your project a professional finish.


About the teacher

Having completed my fashion degree in France, and trained in renowned fashion studios of New York and London, I packed my city shoes away to take on a journey “behind the seam”. Passionate about sustainable materials, I set off for an organic sheep farm producing its own yarns in Carmarthenshire.
A short shepherding career later, I decided to get back to my sewing machines and spread the sewing joys across our hills.
I hope to inspire many more people to learn this simple skill.


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