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Camille Jacquemart is based in West Wales and has a
wealth of knowledge in garment construction, pattern
cutting and experience in teaching people to sew.

After graduating in Fashion Design in France, Camille
spent her formative years training in Threesafour,
Alexander McQueen and Fred Butler.

Her curiosity inthe process behind our clothes grew, yet her interest in fast fashion diminished. A yearning for change
brought Camille to a wool farm in Carmarthenshire
in 2012, where she spent a year shepherding and
learning the process from fleece to cloth.

Shortly after, Thimble Studios was born from
Camille’s desire to foster a sewing community and
inspire more people to make their own clothes. 7
years later, Thimble Studios continues to provide a
variety of courses around Carmarthenshire.

Camille’s particular teaching interests are:

• Demystifying all areas of our wardrobe,
making it possible to have a go at making our
own clothes

• Cultivating a judgement free zone, all bodies
and abilities are celebrated

• Fostering a warm creative environment to
cultivate friendship and build community

• Honoring experiences of empowerment and self-celebration.

• Challenging purist conceptions of sewing by displaying a wide range of techniques and encouraging students to find the one that works for them

• Promoting sewing as a radical act of
resistance against fast fashion

• Extending clothing life through mending and

• Further implementing inclusive sizing through course pattern selection.

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