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Join a Sewing Class with Camille

It's time to get sewing something cosy at a Thimble Studios autumn sewing class in West Wales. Camille is a qualified dressmaker with years of industry experience to help guide you through the process, no matter what skill level you are!

Choosing your Sewing Class 

Here at Thimble Studios, there's a range of sewing classes for you to choose from each term; from a complete novice to rusty returners to seasoned sewists, there is almost certainly a class for you. If you're not sure what sort of class you need, get in touch and we can discuss which option is the most suitable for you.

Complete Beginner? Start here!

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Saturday 19th November

A one day workshop to learn the basics of the sewing machine.

Saturday 11th February 2023

A one day workshop to learn the basics of the sewing machine.

Complete Novice

A Beginner Friendly Dressmaking Class 

The beginner dressmaking series is suitable for the total novice or the returning sewist. 

Every term a new pattern is chosen to make in this class, so you can discover or revisit dressmaking fundamentals and walk out with a new garment each time. We try to cover different techniques with every pattern, so your sewing skillset is always expanding no matter how many times you join us.

Beginner Dressmaking 

15th & 16th October

Rusty Returners

Courses to Expand Your Sewing Skills

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Sewing with Stretch

26th & 27th November

Fill your wardrobe with cosy knits.

A deep dive into stretch sewing.

Copy Your Wardrobe 

8th & 9th October

Recreate your favourite ready-to-wear clothing items in your wardrobe. 

Conquer the Overlocker 

23rd October

Do you have an overlocker you are unsure how to use? Let's change that!

Seasoned Sewist

For those who want to work on their own project

Do you have a project you've become a bit stuck with? Maybe one you'd would like to get some help with? Our open-sew offering is an excellent blend of expertise knowledge and a bit of tuition, all while achieving your own projects. All levels are welcome, but knowing how to thread a sewing machine is preferred.

Sew-Your-Own Dressmaking Retreat

12th & 13th November

A whole weekend to dedicate to your project, with expertise in the room and excellent company to boot!

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10h Studio Pass

Pick Your Own Hours

Need some ongoing support and accountability?

The pass is your ticket to a season of sewing

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A Lovely Place to Sew

I'm a bit in love with our West Wales sewing studio. And I know I'm kind of biased so here's some things that previous students have loved about the it...


  • it's a bright, airy space

  • the high cutting tables (goodbye sore backs!)

  • long individual working benches, which bring a whole new meaning to personal space - no knocking elbows around this studio!

  • a shared overlocker, which is always threaded


And really the best part about coming to our dedicated dressmaking studio is that everything is on hand; from endless cups of tea to a fully stocked haberdashery.  Everything you need to get you through your project is here.

Still don't believe me? Here's some direct quotes...


"Camille is a genuinely lovely person who goes all out to ensure everyone gets support and direction to achieve their sewing aims .... her jolly outlook is contagious"

- Linda

"I love the in-person teaching. I love the camaraderie of the group, having a whole, uninterrupted session to work through each stage and of course, having Camille right there."

- Deirdre

Which course will you take this autumn? 


The one to get comfortable with the machine 

Beginner Dressmaking

The one to start making clothes 

Copy Your Wardrobe 

The one to clone your favourite clothes 

Sewing with Stretch

The one to get over the fear of sewing stretch fabrics

Conquer the Overlocker

The one to make the most of the overlocker

Sew-Your-Own Retreat

The one to complete something you've been meaning to

10h Studio Pass

The one for ongoing support and accountability

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