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Camille the sewing teacher is fitting a dress on student. in the background there are other students at their sewing machines.

Fitting Weekend

Do you dream of some trousers that fit perfectly?
Are you putting off more ambitious make because you aren't sure what to do with fitting?

Join us for our Fitting Weekend in our West Wales sewing studio where you'll learn the process of fitting your own garments so you can get your ideal fit every time.

Fitting Weekend

Date: 11th & 12th March 2023
Location: West Wales, SA38 9BS

Time: 9am - 4pm
Price: £270

  • On our Fitting Weekend course, you'll learn the process of fitting your garments so that you can achieve your desired fit, every time. You'll learn the how and the why of the fitting process, so it can be easily applied and repeated on other garments going forward.

  • Instead of feeling disheartened by your self-sewn garments, take back control and reclaim the joy of sewing by learning to fit them correctly. Create a pattern you can trust to give you your ideal fit every time, and avoid the disappointment of a just-not-right fit.

  • This sewing class is ideal for a Garment Explorer or Seasoned Sewist, looking to take their sewing skills to the next level. The ability to use a sewing machine, use sewing patterns and previous garment making experience is essential.

  • Don't believe it's possible? See what our previous students have to say about it!


What You'll Learn on the Fitting Weekend

You'll learn the process of getting a good fit on the Fitting Weekend.
This includes;

  • Choosing the right size

  • Pre-empting fitting questions

  • Making common adjustments

  • Learning how to toile

  • Learning how to assess your toile

  • How to transfer the adjustments onto your pattern

  • How to read fitting adjustment instructions

On the first day, we'll begin with some background theory about the fitting process and how it works. When you engage in a fitting process you might do a few things differently like pre-empting possible fitting issues which might influence the size you pick. So we will start there.

From here, you will learn how best to prime your pattern for the toiling process which might include preliminary adjustments. Then in the afternoon,  you will cut and sew your toile.

On the second day, we will have fitting sessions to begin the day and learn about common modifications that are made. Then you will learn how to transfer these fitting modifications onto your own pattern and how to proof your pattern with final checks. 

We will not be sewing your final garment on this course but our Studio Pass or Online Membership would be ideal to get additional support and accountability to make the finished garment. 

Spaces are limited to 6 participants per class to provide the ultimate learning experience

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Which pattern to bring on the Fitting Weekend?

On this weekend sewing and fitting class, you will be able to work on your preferred pattern. 


Here are some examples of good candidates: 

  • Something you've made previously that didn't fit right. Example: shirt, trousers.

  • A style of garment you wish you could wear but "doesn't work" for your figure. Wrap dresses are a great example. If generic ready-to-wear wrap leaves you feeling "meh", let me show you the way to make the fit click. 

  • An ambitious project you have put off because you know the fitting will be important to the final garment. An example is a fitted waistcoat.

  • A basic block you have made and got stuck with getting the fit right.

  • A fitting shell. These are ideal if you want to make a tried and tested pattern base.

Want some ideas? 

Adjusting a toile.jpg

What previous students have to say...


"Camille is a fantastic teacher with lots of brilliant tips that really help make your sewing more polished and professional. Her fitting advice is on point, even when it's via photos."

— Sheryl


"Camille is both a hugely experienced dressmaker and an utterly brilliant teacher. She anticipates issues and options in projects before you even reach them."

— Amanda

More Information


The Fitting Weekend is £270. Payment plans are available here.

Please familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions before booking.


What's included

Teas and coffee on tap, fruits and snacks.

A light lunch.

Tracing paper etc.

What's not included

Please come prepared with your own calico fabric and the pattern you would like to adjust.

Spaces are limited to 6 participants per class to provide the ultimate learning experience


Any questions?

Drop me a line below and

I'll be in touch as soon as I can

I'll be in touch soon

Payment Plan
  • Resolve pattern fitting challenges and learn the fitting process.


    270 British pounds

Prefer a payment plan?

Would you prefer to spread the cost of the Fitting Weekend over multiple payments?
No problem, you can spread the cost over two or three months by clicking below. Any more, and you'll need to get in touch with me to arrange this.
GoCardless is a third party website I use to manage payment plans for my sewing classes.
Simply register your details when prompted after clicking below.

Registering for a payment plan will automatically enrol you on the course, and so the same cancellation policy applies.

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