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Private Sewing

Sometimes you just need dedicated time to make headway with your sewing projects. Sometimes, those sewing projects need a second pair of eyes for guidance and problem solving. I get it, and I've got you.
The best way to get some help, guidance and a second pair of eyes is to book a private sewing tuition session with me at my West Wales sewing studio, and turn your intentions into reality. 

  • From a mighty Power Hour to a full day in the sewing studio, let's carve out some time to move the needle and see your sewing projects through to completion.

  • It's hard to know when it's the right time to ask a multitude of unrelated questions that you want the answers to, so I want to make myself available to you to give you answers you want and help you problem solve any sewing snags you may have come upon.

  • Read on to find our which one is best for you, and if you're still not sure get in touch!

Which type of private sewing tuition is right for you?

Let's put our heads together and get some answers!


There is nothing like a focused session with a sewing expert to help you resolve a niggling fitting issue that is stopping you in your tracks, or to map your path and guide you through longer sewing projects.


From one hour to a full day, help is on its way! If you wish to discuss your project before booking to help you decide which session is best for your needs - drop me a line!

The Power Hour(s) 

Let's work out together what is hindering your progress and help you leave feeling empowered, with solutions in your hands to continue your sewing. 


  • Do you have a toile you need help fitting? This is your ticket.

  • Do you need to make pattern adjustments, but you're not sure where to start or what exactly those adjustments are? Yep, this one will cover that too!

  • Do you want to pick an experts brain with sewing or fabric questions you have over a cup of tea? This one can even be done over Zoom!

Power Hours can be booked in multiples, to ensure you have enough time to get through everything (and sometimes that half day is just too much time!), or even split up over multiple Power Hour sessions. If you aren't sure how long it will take drop me a message and I can give you a better idea.

Half-day Sewing Tuition (4 hours)

Set up camp in my West Wales sewing studio for half a day to study sewing in-depth with me, an expert seamstress.

  • Fitting and making pattern alterations (this could be for multiple garments) 

  • Drafting your own pattern

  • Learning to use a sewing machine or an overlocker on a one-to-one basis. A group class just isn't for everyone or maybe the timings aren't suitable for you, and this is the best option to fit those needs.

  • Getting the tricky bit done with help and guidance from me (attaching a lining, sewing a zipper in)

Advice: for a longer, more ambitious project I would recommend having multiple half days rather than one full day (or  half day plus a power hour!). This way you can do some of the work at home and let your newly learnt sewing skills percolate a bit. By your second session, you will have moved the needle a lot further to make the most of our time together. 

Full-day Sewing Tuition (7 hours)

Invest in a full day of learning to see through your aspirations.

I can guide you through multiple sewing processes (choosing size, sewing, fitting, pattern alteration and more) in just one day.

  • Turn your design ideas into your own pattern(s)

  • Sew toiles, have fittings (no awkward angles in the mirror trying to do them yourself), and transfer all your fitting adjustments onto your pattern

  • Sew a complete garment in a day 

Kind words from previous students

sewing tool and a quilt on wall.jpg

"Camille is both a hugely experienced dressmaker and an utterly brilliant teacher. She anticipates issues and options in projects before we reach them."

— Amanda

A sewing student laying fabric.jpg

"Camille is a fantastic teacher with lots of brilliant tips that really help make your sewing more polished and professional. Her fitting advice is on point even when it’s not in person but via photos."

— Sheryl


Any questions?

Drop me a line below and

I'll be in touch as soon as I can

I'll be in touch soon

So, have you decided what private sewing tuition best fits your needs?

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