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Join a Sewing Class with Camille

It's time to get sewing something autumn and winter ready at a Thimble Studios sewing class in West Wales! Camille is a qualified dressmaker with years of industry experience to help guide you through the process, no matter what skill level you are!

Choosing Your Sewing Class 

Here at Thimble Studios in West Wales, there is a range of sewing classes for you to choose from each term; from a complete beginner to seasoned sewists, there's a sewing class for you.

The levels are here as a rough guide for your ability, but no matter what you can expect a warm welcome, inclusive teaching and lots of one-to-one support in all our sewing classes.

orange badge with complete beginner written on it and a graphic of a thimble
  • You have never used a sewing machine

  • You dabbled but don't feel in control

  • You need a refresher 

You need to come to my

beginners sewing class before you go any further in your sewing journey

And  then you'll be on your way!

orange badge with garment explorer written on it and a graphic of a thimble
  • Could also be called a Rusty Returner

  • You can thread a sewing machine

  • You are curious about different skills 

In these classes, you will be introduced to a new area of your craft.

Expect clear step-by-step teaching, a gentle learning pace and building on acquired skills.   


seasoned sewist.png
  • You have made a garment before 

  • You can cut a pattern out. 

  • You want to improve your skills

On these courses, you might be asked to do some prep at home and I, therefore, assume you have acquired skills such as choosing your size and cutting your fabric. 

Some of the classes offered are suitable to all levels. I also offer private sewing tuition.

If you're still not sure what kind of class you need, just get in touch and we can figure it out together.

Complete Beginner

Complete Beginner? Start here!

Our Beginners sewing classes are the place to begin if you've never used a sewing machine before, or it's been a long time and you'd like a refresher.


21st September 2024
27th October 2024

The Beginners Sewing class is a one day class where we discuss how a machine works in the morning and make a drawstring bag to end.


22nd September 2024

The Beginners Sewing class is a one day class where we discuss how a machine works in the morning and make a drawstring bag to end.

Expand Your Sewing Skills

Seasoned Sewist

Expand your sewing skills with a varied selection of classes for the seasoned sewist from the sewing studio in Newcastle Emlyn. From copying your favourite store bought item of clothing, to getting seamless with an overlocker and the perfect fit on your body, there's something for everyone in this season of sewing classes.

seasoned sewist.png
Untitled design (1).jpg

5th & 6th October 2024

We all have a favourite ready-to-wear garment that we wish we could recreate, and with this sewing class you can!


2nd & 3rd November 2024

Learn how to piece together and sew traditional patchwork designs and then turn that design into a wearable garment.


2nd & 3rd November 2024

Learn the process of fitting a pattern of your choice to your own measurements so you can get your ideal fit every time.

An overlocker and course stitch sample_edited.jpg

Conquer your fear of the overlocker by learning the basics of this not so complicated machine.

30th November 2024

An overlocker being threaded .jpg

Advance your basic overlocker skills with expert guidance and ensure that you're using your machine to it's full potential.

1st December 2024

All Levels

Sew Your Own Projects

Do you have a project you've become a bit stuck with? Maybe one you'd would like to get some help with? Our open-sew offering is an excellent blend of expertise knowledge and a bit of tuition, all while achieving your own projects.

All levels are welcome, but knowing how to thread and operate a sewing machine is preferred.


15th October 2024

Grab your alterations pile and we'll come up with creative solutions to what you need, together.

Woman sewing on a sewing machine.jpg

19th & 20th October 2024

Pick your project and bring it along to our sew your own weekend, where life interruptions are minimal and help is on hand.

Still can't find what you're looking for?
I offer private tuition online or in my studio.

  • Let's put our heads together, and have you leave feeling empowered in ...

  • 4 hours of expert advice on hand from my West Wales sewing studio

  • A full day of sewing, fitting, or whatever your sewing heart desires.

Or send me a message

I'll be in touch soon


A Lovely Place to Sew

I'm a bit in love with our West Wales sewing studio. And I know I'm kind of biased so here's some things that previous students have loved about the it...


  • it's a bright, airy space

  • the high cutting tables (goodbye sore backs!)

  • long individual working benches, which bring a whole new meaning to personal space - no knocking elbows around this studio!

  • a shared overlocker, which is always threaded


And really the best part about coming to our dedicated dressmaking studio is that everything is on hand; from endless cups of tea to a fully stocked haberdashery.  Everything you need to get you through your project is here.

Still don't believe me? Here's some direct quotes...


"Camille is a genuinely lovely person who goes all out to ensure everyone gets support and direction to achieve their sewing aims .... her jolly outlook is contagious"

- Linda

- Deirdre

"I love the in-person teaching. I love the camaraderie of the group, having a whole, uninterrupted session to work through each stage and of course, having Camille right there."

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