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How to make origami paper star

I’m a true home bird and this time of the year is where I must make use of the most elaborated convincing mechanics to extract myself out of my nest.

Last year I felt like a captive in my own home when the rules abruptly changed the night before my departure to spend Christmas in France.

I declared the right to be sad for 48h but quickly got over it and cured my woes by turning a stack of magazines into paper stars.

I’ve never invested much time in making Christmas things as I so rarely spend it in my house. I’s also not really in my gene.

I love Christmas in my family but if you somehow imagine that we do it beautifully you couldn’t be further away from the truth. It started with my grandmother who was a true minimalist. Her idea of freedom was the least of faff, so she kept to the symbolic minimum.

She would erect a small plastic tree and for stockings we just put our trainers at the bottom.

Her attention to us though was boundless, always.

This year feels very different having chosen to spend Christmas in Wales.

“Not a captive if it’s where I want to be “ from the Gabriels’ Blame song comes to mind.

If you haven’t heard it, consider it as a recommendation.

Having made this choice seem to have unleashed my creativity which I hope to find time to enjoy.

I'm hosting you at mine today. Maybe you had to pack your machine away already. Maybe your plans are changing before your eyes and need to bring a little sparkle to your days ahead.

When I thought of making this tutorial, I backtracked a couple of times.

Too expected I thought.

Too easy maybe. (hindsight: not)

Then I tried making one and realised I had forgotten the steps all over again.

A quick YouTube search brought a lot of choices. I watched 2 videos and still managed to end up with wonky stars. The third clarified one of the folds and eventually, I got there.

So, I revised my judgement and thought there is absolutely room for another tutorial.

> A quiet one (you can choose your own background music then)

> Work alongside me. Repetitive steps as all in real-time so you can watch tricky steps again and again.

> I think viewpoint can be a critical pivot when trying to understand origami. After your first try, you can watch the whole process again with my over-my-shoulder video.

> secret guest(s) appearance

Happy crafting!

If you'd like to go through it again you can watch the process from over my shoulder.

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