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Sewing with Stretch Fabric 

Do you dream of sewing with a stretch fabric but think it seems too intimidating to take on? This stretch sewing class, spread over 3 days, in my West Wales sewing studio is perfect for you.

Sewing with Stretch Fabric

Date:  Saturday 22nd of October (prep day),
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th November 2022

Location: West Wales, SA38 9BS

Time: 10am-4pm (prep day),
then 10am - 4:30pm

Price: £324

  • This three day course is designed to give you all the tools and confidence to source, cut and sew stretchy fabric into clothes you will love to make and wear.

  • Whether you are a complete stretch virgin or would like to push your practice with guidance, you will walk away from this course with two garments and a newfound determination to sew all things stretch.

  • The Sewing with Stretch Fabric class is set up over three days so you can really get familiar with the type of fabric you need to buy before you begin cutting and sewing. A full explanation of how this works is listed below.

  • Not sure if this is the stretch fabric class for you? I can help soothe your fears that stretch sewing isn't for everyone - it very much is!

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More About the Sewing with Stretch Fabric Class

Choosing Your Pattern

Stretch (sometimes known as knit) garments are relatively quick to sew once you know how best to handle them.

To give you the chance to have lots of practice, we will be aiming to make two garments over the 3 day Sewing with Stretch Fabric classes.  


The First Garment

If you are a complete beginner, you will need to select from my beginner's knit pattern selection. A sample of possibilities is above. The full list will be available after booking.

If you are already familiar with sewing knits and would like a bit of a challenge, you can request my intermediate selection of patterns.


The Second Garment

Make a pair of leggings copied from your favourite pair. This will take you to the next level with sewing an elasticated waistband and using stretchier knits. If leggings are not your thing, feel free to pick another pattern from the list. If you don't have a favourite pair but would like one, I can make some suggestions for you.


What You'll Learn in the Sewing with Stretch Fabric Class

  • how to find the right stretch fabrics for your projects and where to buy them

  • how to read a pattern and select the perfect size

  • pattern cutting techniques for design and fit adjustments

  • how to create a legging pattern from an existing pair

  • how to handle stretch fabric and cut your garment

  • choosing and installing speciality needles, pins and using a walking foot on your sewing machine

  • how to use a range of suitable stitches and the best application for them

  • how to stabilise knits

  • how to construct a garment with sleeves and neckline details

  • how to hem knits using a twin needle

  • how to create an elasticated waistband (leggings)


Prior to the course beginning, you will receive the full pattern selection. You will need to order your pattern(s) ready for the first day. There is no need to purchase fabric before the course start date (the prep day).


On prep day, the morning is dedicated to understanding what stretch fabric is and where to source a good quality material. You will become familiar with the different types of stretch fabric available and where they are best applied.

In the afternoon you will prepare your patterns; from choosing the best pattern size for you, to making simple design or fit adjustments and tracing your pattern. At the end of this day, you will know exactly what to look for fabric wise and you will have two patterns that work for you. Then we wave goodbye and see you next month for the sewing weekend.

On the second day, you will learn how to handle your stretch material and cut your garments. In the afternoon you will learn how to use a walking foot, adjust your tools for sewing with knits and familiarise yourself with the different stitch types available on your sewing machine.


The third day is spent sewing two gorgeous stretch garments and absorbing all the sewing techniques that will make you a stretch witch or wizard!

Spaces are limited to 6 participants per class to provide the ultimate learning experience


What previous students have to say...

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"I was worried that sewing with knits was going to be really hard, and that my sewing machine was too basic. I learned what I could do with the limitations of my machine and what I couldn’t. I learned that knits are easy, and that I actually love sewing them."

— Mhairi

A close up look in a sewing demo. The sewing teacher is explaining how a seam is done with hand gesture.

Camille has a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience, and a charming, fun and patient manner.


No question is too basic to ask and she even helps you learn from mistakes.

— Deirdre

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More Information


The Sewing with Stretch Fabric weekend is £324. Payment plans are available here.

Please familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions before booking.


What's included

Two freshly prepared lunches (on sewing weekend dates only)

Teas and coffee on tap, fruits and snacks.

Access to my studio haberdashery.


What's not included

Lunch is not included on the prep day, so please bring a packed lunch.

Sewing patterns and fabric are not included. You will receive all the guidance you need to help you choose though.

Speciality knit needles, pins and machine feet are also not included. You will receive more information about exactly what is needed prior to the course beginning.


Any questions?

Drop me a line below and

I'll be in touch as soon as I can

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Prefer a payment plan?

Would you prefer to spread the cost of the Sewing with Stretch Fabric weekend over multiple payments?
No problem, you can spread the cost over two or three months by clicking below. Any more, and you'll need to get in touch with me to arrange this.
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Simply register your details when prompted after clicking below.

Registering for a payment plan will automatically enrol you on the course, and so the same cancellation policy applies.

  • Overcome your fear of sewing with stretch fabrics in this 3 day class

    Starts Oct 22

    324 British pounds