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Studio Pass

The Studio Pass... a bit like a ski pass but for people in West Wales who sew. Carve out your time to sew, distraction free, in the Thimble Sewing Studio - expert advice on one hand... and a cup of tea for the other!

Studio Pass

Date: Not currently running
Location: West Wales, SA38 9BS

Time: see here
Price: £160

  • The Open Studio Pass is for you if you often find yourself with multiple unfinished projects, lack of motivation to sew or are finding a particular project difficult.

  • Maybe you don't have enough space at home to lay everything out, or the lack of space makes you lose your excitement about tracing your patterns?

  • With the Studio Pass, you are welcomed into the Thimble sewing studio twice a month to work on your own projects, with access to sewing studio staples such as a pre-threaded overlocker and basic haberdashery.​​

  • The Studio Pass is open to all levels of sewist, from beginners through to accomplished dressmakers. Opening the studio up is about bringing together like-minded people to engage in an activity they enjoy, away from the stresses and distractions of their daily lives.

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When can you use your Studio Pass?

Studio Pass is not currently running while I am on maternity leave.

If you'd like to be notified when it begins again, sign up to my mailing list here.

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How does the Studio Pass work?

  • you buy your pass - this gives you 10 hours of sewing studio time, valid 6 months. 

  • you let me know in advance that you'll be showing up on the day the studio is open to you (I need to have the biscuits in, don't I?)

  • you turn up, stay for as long as you want or need, then we deduct these hours from your pass when you leave

  • repeat until your hours run out (at which point you can choose to buy a new pass, or not)

Please note: the pass operates on a use-it-or-lose-it basis. Any hours left over at the end of your 6-months cannot be refunded or carried over into the next season.

What are the benefits of the Studio Pass?

  • a friendly welcome and unlimited teas and coffee (important! They go with the biscuits!)

  • my expert advice and support to help move you through projects

  • an overlocker that is already threaded

  • large cutting tables, lots of room to spread your work out, tracing paper

  • access to my basic haberdashery - no stalling due to lack of supplies around here!

  • an unhurried pace, calm atmosphere and like minded people - you will be free to pop on some headphones and crack on, or engage in chitchat with whoever happens to be there that day

Kind words about the Sewing Studio

sewing tool and a quilt on wall.jpg

"The studio is excellent. Tables for cutting out are nice and high to save our backs. The workstations have ample space and suitable lighting. All necessary tools are available and most importantly Camille is there with her knowledge and skills."

— Valerie

A sewing student laying fabric.jpg

"Having a dedicated space, and sharing it with like minded people really helps. Also having Camille there in person to answer questions and talk through problems is fab"

— Hannah

The Details


The Studio Pass is £160 for 10 hours of access to the studio. Payment plans are available here.

Please familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions before booking.


When are the Open Studio days?

The sewing studio will be open for pass holders on the following dates:

I ask that you let me know you'll be turning up (I need to know the numbers for the biscuits), but how long you stay is up to you and can be decided on the day.

Date & Times
fabric offcuts.jpg

Any questions?

Drop me a line below and

I'll be in touch as soon as I can

I'll be in touch soon

Payment Plan

Prefer a payment plan?

Would you prefer to spread the cost of the Studio Pass over multiple payments?
No problem, you can spread the cost over two months by clicking below. Any more, and you'll need to get in touch with me to arrange this.
GoCardless is a third party website I use to manage payment plans for my sewing classes.
Simply register your details when prompted after clicking below.

Registering for a payment plan will automatically enrol you on the course, and so the same cancellation policy applies.

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